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1.忌食辛辣刺激性食物。 Do not eat acrid and excitatory food. 2.用药期间不宜同时服用温热性药物。 Do not take calidus and febrile drugs during medication. 3.孕妇及脾胃虚寒症见:腹痛、喜暖、泄泻者慎用。 Take with caution for pregn...

6部分从中文翻译到中国 (每小题:3分)方向:将下列句子翻译成chines 1。这些人在一个不知如何处理theenormouseconomic改变他们已经全部是原单eshielded从之前的经济问题

望采纳~~ 1624 Dutch colonialists 1662 Taiwan accounted for Zheng Chenggong recover Taiwan for the first time the Sino-British Opium War to invade Taiwan cages 1885 Sino-French War of aggression Act of 1874 freshwater Keelung th...

over过来 我们有一些朋友过来. over过去 我被请去朋友家做客. over用来表示从一边到另外一边的动作

the relative deparment will feed back this requirement to the authority feedback!反馈

Catch up with the athlete(player),and he leave the uniform behind .

China is backward in clinical medicine. Medical training has two issues.One is medical college's teachers andstudents English is too bad. the other is does not have perfect housephysician to train the system. Now in world all i...

Everyone has parents, but not everyone has a brother or a sister. Recently, chinese government launched Two-child policy, which I can't approve more. In the absence of this policy, a couple don;t allowed to have more than one c...

When you hardly achieved anything, you were one of most people. When you did succeed and in restrospect, you might find that the perseverance played a even bigger role than intelligence. Making a bit of progress does not rest a...

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