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The left-behind children easily suffer from thr lack of emotional support. Since their parents are migrant workers, they are mostly left

Chinese painting (Xuan paintings): paint on Xuan paper painting, is the main form of Chinese art. From the point of view of art history asked the former Republic of China called for paintings, Chinese painting in ancient times ...

the China dream is the pronoun of China,people start hopping a dreaming country.Thus,chinese people are aware of that the dream will take place the dream of America

1.The problem was made by the careless workers 2.This way to train the workers isn't enough 也许直接翻译有点差异 不过意思差不多的

The campus safety management idea innovation and exploration model The safety management of efficiency depends on the management idea in the first place. In recent years, as the campus safety result of socialization, complicati...

Hi,I‘m your devoted fan,and I have painted a picture of you.Although I'm not proficient in painting,I have put my heart into it.I hope you'll like it.

中文翻译是 People live for themselves, their own sense of happiness that life is. 整体的翻译就是这样的哦哦

The photo that you have taken on the beach is really beautiful!或者用感叹句式:What a beautiful photo that you have taken on the beach! 求采纳~

athematics, if he had given his spare moments to idleness, had the little Scotch lad,

Monoclonal antibody technology (hereinafter referred to as McAb), the principle of its preparation is that the animal, by the outside world after antigen stimulation, can induce immune response, so as to produce the correspondi...

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