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对,他们对你们公司的产品感兴趣,想让你们报个价,请尽快回复 译:We are pleasant to have the chance of operation with you. Please advise which products you are interested in and then we will offer the quote.

How to study English well? I'd love to share sth. with you. 如果有帮助,请采纳,么么哒~

I am very happy(pleased、glad都可以) to help you.

Please feel free to contact us on any model you are interested in. We are more than happy to calculate the door-to-door shipping cost for you.

We'd like to offer you more help. We must keep on studying to keep up with the changes in the world. You can study English well if you work hard at it.

I am glad to help you.少了横线.

原文 我非常乐意为你服务 翻译文 I am glad for you to serve extremely

I'd love to go to the party I am willing to go to parties

你好!很高兴为你解答。 if it is necessary for you ,we will be glad to help. 希望能帮到你。

这是福尔摩斯中一句经典的话,好象动画片,柯南那个里面也说过的,正确的英文原文是: If I were assured of the former eventuality I would,in the interests of the public,cheerfully accept the latter.

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