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Here is a heart Here is a heart I made it for you so take it Battered and braised Grilled and sautéed Just how you like it You know I live to fill you up Blood of my blood Dripping with love I'll bring you the thing you need mo...

Priscilla Ahn - Dream I was a little girl Alone in my little world Who dreamed of a little home for me. I played pretend between the trees, And fed my houseguests bark and leaves, And laughed in my pretty bed of green. I had a ...

男生的centuries—— fall out boy 我也找了很久,之前模糊的还以为是韩国的呢,其实是来自芝加哥的一个摇滚乐队

累死我了 终于找到 歌曲名字《Timber》 歌手 Pitbull feat. Ke$ha

歌曲名称:《Girls’ Generation》 所属专辑:《Girls' Generation (소녀시대)》 歌手简介:少女时代(Girls'Generation)是韩国SM娱乐有限公司于2007年推出的女子流行演唱团体,由金泰妍、郑秀妍、李顺圭、黄美英、金孝...

如果是英文歌的话,那就是歌舞青春第三部中的歌,NOW OR NEVER,男主角打篮球时唱的歌 顺便说句歌舞青春的歌都超好听的

上高台的是:One Direction -What Makes You Beautifu

是少女时代的 Girls' Generation 很好听的~

就冲第8关那个 ? 歌曲名:Burn It To The Ground 歌手:Nickelback 专辑:Dark Horse 【MV】Nickelback -Burn It To The Ground 现场版 中英字幕-高清... Burn It To The Ground_Nickelback在线试听高音质歌曲免费下载_... We're going till the w...

男生《What makes you beautiful》,女生《die young》,回放《天涯海角》

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