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the 2. back, 3. useful 4.learning 5. them 6. 7. As

outside 外面 run 跑 own 我自己的

应该填lucky而不是lazy,原因是前文已经有了暗示,"but unlucky",意思是我认为每天需要翻越小山这样很不幸,而朋友却认为我是幸运的,这样我就可以得到额外的锻炼了。 望采纳。

1.conflict 3.carriage 8. happy 10. power13. identity card14.promise15 square 8) curiousty universe

around enough

seldom or scarcely 这个害羞的男孩几乎不和陌生人说话,两个词都有这种意思 cancel

interview schedule autobiography dependence lived openly site aweless defeat

began glad without money away


Karen caught the early bus this morning and (lastly) she didn’t miss the opening ceremony of the new sports center. 答案填:lastly 句子意思: 凯伦今天早上赶上早班车,最后她没有错过运动中心的开幕仪式。

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