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69 watches 70 back 71 dangerous 72 on 73 enjoyed 74 driving 75 mustn't

outside 外面 run 跑 own 我自己的

seldom or scarcely 这个害羞的男孩几乎不和陌生人说话,两个词都有这种意思 cancel

around /remind/ to /aware/then/bad/reach 你有的地方打漏词了,影响理解了

14. slowly 15. opened 16. African 17. safe 18. close 19. offered

chemistry friendly short Correct

began glad without money away

colorful多姿多彩的, 但正因为这样,才让这个世界多姿多彩

1. 通读短文知大意,看整体全面了解来源: 与阅读理解题和其它类型的完形填空一样,首先要通读短文,了解文章的大意。每篇短文段落之间必然承上启下、前呼后应。因此通读全文时要一气呵成,只要能了解短文的大意即可,细节不理解可以跳过。因此...

1、Did I talk in my sleep?I must have been disturbed_ 2、The meal was very ordinary___.There is nothing special. 3、They send- a wonderful meal to more than fifty students. 4、She was unlucky__ that she had left without saying...

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