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你求人帮忙难道还要我们自己找你用的书?把图发上来好不好。。 hi,我叫greg,我是新到这个城镇里的 hi,我是helen,欢迎你成为我的邻居!目前为止这里的一切你都喜欢吗? 很好,但我还不太认路 嗯。。最好的超市在中央街那里。你可以在那里买到...

1.忌食辛辣刺激性食物。 Do not eat acrid and excitatory food. 2.用药期间不宜同时服用温热性药物。 Do not take calidus and febrile drugs during medication. 3.孕妇及脾胃虚寒症见:腹痛、喜暖、泄泻者慎用。 Take with caution for pregn...

首先,你明白这么长一段中翻英如果拿到翻译公司的话,要几张红色毛主席才能解决。但是我看了你洋洋千余字所表述的内容,有点感动了。所以我想问,这是你自己写的吗?是真的想寄给蒂姆罗斯吗? 我是一个16岁的女孩,我来自中国,很荣幸能给你写这...


有教养的 cultured well-bred educated cultivated 例: 我是一个有教养的人 I am an educated man

with the development with our country's enconimy ,fundmental instruction require gaint funds,project finance financing based on the higher ROI and stable yield rate has become one of the most important assest business。The rapi...

“Please check the bank issuing the agreement needed to pay stamp”用英语怎么说啊!谢谢了 补充:应是“……Conduction bank payroll agency service business needs……”

no fishing/parking/ smoking 禁止钓鱼/停车/吸烟 keep off the grass请勿践踏草坪 take care/watch is!小心 mind how you go 怎么走 do not lose youe head 不要迷失自我 最后两个 你一定不能这样做 这样是不允许的

欢迎来到xxx俱乐部 希望我们难舍难分 应该吧,大概是这个意思吧

in order to promote the educational equality ,China has invested over 36 trillion to improve education facilities in rural areas and compulsory education of the country especially in the Midwest area. these funds used for impro...

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