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结合文章的意思应该是说 如果你是这样不接受系统提示的话而是一味的拒绝接收警告,那么麻烦会随之而来。这个是我看了这个阅读之后结合前一句话理解的意思,你自己在琢磨下。

With ur love cher lloyd mlke posner 前面是with your love ,一个歌名 后面是Cher Lloyd和Mike Posner两个歌手 就是Cher Lloyd主唱,Mike Posner伴唱的一首歌,叫《With Your Love》 如对您有所帮助,请采纳。

A woman is taking photos. A boy is eating ice-cream. Some ladies are dancing. Some boys are playing football, sunning themselves and chatting with each other.

We now have on file the documents listed below . 可以理解成:We now have the documents listed below on file. 但是不是 “ 我们把收到的文件列在下面 " 的意思 而是 “ 我们现在把列在下面的文件归档 ” 的意思


Pride and Prejudice Chapter One 第一章 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his ...

Nomatter how beautiful it was,memory is memory, something will stay in the past for ever! 有些人有语法错误哦。

Keep in mind that it is most important to make everyday meaningful!

以每个管道三片作为开始,但是这种柱状管道每年的数量大概是加起来一共是三片。 (这个肯定是有上下文的吧 我不知道这里的三片是指什么 不好意思啦 但是重点肯定要放在“开始”认为怎么样和“一共”怎么样的区别)

Transit passenger security channel.

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