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by the electric field是修饰谓语动词results 大概意思: 电子极化在外电场作用下由负电荷电子云,相对于原子核向正极方向位移的正负电荷中心偏移产生。

Pride and Prejudice Chapter One 第一章 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be on his ...

be made of为由...组成的意思,英汉间一些时候不能一一对应翻译的。 奥巴马的成功,....,很多是被奥巴马的口才造就的,这么说很奇怪,我们意译就是奥巴马口才很厉害,或奥巴马的成功很大程度得益于他的口才,奥巴马的口才是他成功的关键。

Transit passenger security channel.

1.What is your title? 2.They have been together until the house move. 3.can you brrow your computer to me? 4.If possible, please put your situation described to me 5.the water pollution has given you the success of many problems

Keep in mind that it is most important to make everyday meaningful!

Tang Yun, world-class violinist, the actor in the film "Together" derected by famous director Chen Kaige. 世界级小提琴演奏家 world-class violinist 世界著名小提琴演奏家 world famous violinist

Many cities in China during the construction of the waterfront will be developed by the city planning department controlling detailed planning as a basis to carry out the professional design and scope of the land division.Urban...

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