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Transit passenger security channel.

人工翻译,可放心采纳 概况:公司设计、生产和销售移动通信和媒体设备,个人电脑和便携式数字音乐播放器,并销售多种相关软件,服务,外设,网络解决方案,以及第三方数字内容和应用程序。 ...公司通过其全球的零售商店,网上商店,直接销售队伍...

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Hello, I am wondering if all my applications have been submitted successfully? Is there anything else I would need to turn in as well? If nothing else is needed, am I considered finished with the application processes?


如果这里的‘悦己’是指使自己高兴,可以从下面的翻译任选其一: The beauty that pleases oneself. A self-delighting loveliness. A self-pleasing loveliness. Loveliness that delights oneself. 【英语牛人团】

上海市黄浦区打浦路443号荣科大厦20楼 Floor 20, Rongke Mansion, No.443, Dapu Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai 上海市延安西路1033号大众金融大厦A座2901室 Room 2901, Unit A, Jinrong Mansion, No.1033, Yananxi Road, Shanghai.

I am so sorry to reply late. 1.The final quantity for marine cargo has been updated as follows: ....... We will arrange shippment tomorrow from Taicang Port, the ETA is...... Please check appendix 1 for the oceanshipping docume...

Room 501 ,1st uint, 8th Building of Tiyuhuanyuan,Changzhou City, Jiangsu China. 固有名词不用翻译

根据你的介绍和解释,可以翻译为如下: Aroma Doctrine

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