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机会是靠自己去争取的。 英文翻译:The opportunity is to fight for yourself. 重点词汇释义: 机会:opportunity; chance 自己:neself; of one's own side; closely related; oursel 争取:strive for; fight for; endeavour to; win over; s...

幸福是靠自己争取来的的英文翻译_百度翻译 幸福是靠自己争取来的 Happiness is to rely on their own 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 own_百度翻译 own 英[əʊn] 美[oʊn] n. 自己的事物; 自己人; vt. 拥有; 承认; vi. 承认; [例句]Je...

The opportunity for success lies in your own efforts. La chance pour le succès dépend de votre effort.

这里强调要靠自己,是否用这样的结构比较好? It should be yourself to pursue your happiness.

翻译为:Everything can only rely on yourself Everything :pron. 每件事物;一切事物 can:vt. 将…装入密封罐中保存;aux. 能; 能够; 可以; 可能;n. 罐头; (用金属或塑料制作的)容器; (马口铁或其他金属制作的)食品罐头 only:adv. 只...

Who also unreliable, only rely on yourself. 望楼主采纳!

首先,命运是不能被改变的。但翻译: The fate of oneself base on one's struggle to change.

The most difficult time of only depend on oneself, do not paranoia someone will help you 最困难的时候只有靠自己,不要妄想有人会帮助你 The most difficult time of only depend on oneself, only can help themselves 最困难的时候只有...


同上,To be successful ,you need fighting and for fighting you need depend on youself

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