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虽然她忙于功课,但她还是坚持每天练习跳舞一小时。 Although she's busy doing homework, she still keeps on practising dancing anhour a day.

They usually guide my homework or they often guide my homework

1. His favorite lessons are math and English.2. I spend half an hour practising playing the piano every day.3. My uncle usually walks his dog (takes his dog for a walk) for 2 hours in the park.4. You must help each other.5. Do...

英语翻译为:As a high school senior, I am busy studying everyday.

she often went to after-school care center to help children do their homework in her spare time.

My parents too tired to don't want to eat every day and don't want to talk, but they still insist on counseling my homework 希望对你有帮助谢谢!望采纳!

He was busy/occupied in playing computer games rather than reviewing his lessons.

I usually do my homework at home in the evening. He began to learn English ten years ago. Now he decides to work harder in English learning.

He is making up the lessons that he has missed.

be busy with the lessons be busy doing one's lessons

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