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你好 淡忘 翻译成英语是: fade from one's memory ——————如有帮助请采纳,谢谢。

fade the sadness from one's memory have the grief faded from one's memory

fade from one's memory字典是这样给的 但是我觉得淡忘就是一点一点忘记所以没准可以forget little by little

Some people, are used for fading from memory; Some things, are used for cherishing the memory of


时间会冲淡我们之间的所有事 Everything about us will be vanished by time 或 Everything between us will be vanished by time 或 Time will takes away everything about us

Feelings will always be flushed away by the tide of time. no matter it is about friendship or love, in the end, what is left is loneliness ---纯手打,请采纳---

I will forget you little by little i will gradually forget you i will gradually leave behind my memories about you i will gradually erase all the signs that you have left in my world PS:补充LZ问题,littlle by little, i will try...

시간이 지나면 모든것을 잊을수 있으나, 추억은 잊을수 없다. Si gan i ji na myeon mo d...

Distance is terrible, because you don't know he is missing or forgetting you.

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