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fade from one's memory字典是这样给的 但是我觉得淡忘就是一点一点忘记所以没准可以forget little by little

你好 淡忘 翻译成英语是: fade from one's memory ——————如有帮助请采纳,谢谢。

fade from one's memory 字面的意思从某人记忆中逐渐消失。延申为淡忘 如果是翻成我淡忘。那就是 fade from my memory

fade from one's memory blow over fade

Everything will fade from your memory as time goes by 或者Let our memory fade gradually as time passes

他们渐渐地淡忘如何熟练的去说英语 (They gradually forget how to speak English fluently.) 主要的原因是他们已经回国了,他们离开了英语的氛围,他们不能用全部的时间来说英语了 (The main reason is that they went back to their home coun...


Feelings will always be flushed away by the tide of time. no matter it is about friendship or love, in the end, what is left is loneliness ---纯手打,请采纳---

If time is forgettable,It means we'll end up before I propose to you.如果时间容易被遗忘,那就意味着在我像你求婚之前我们就会结束。

Time will dilute all 时间会冲淡一切 例句:Time can cure all injury, also will dilute all the attentive. 时间可以治好壹切的伤,也会冲淡所有的温存。 重点词汇:dilute 读音:英 [daɪˈlu:t] 美 [daɪˈlut, dɪ-] ...

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