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1,say.2,mother.3,detiled.4,populer.5,and.6,this.7,diffent.8,things. 9,lovely.10,too.

1-5. Personally; influence; importance; simpler; developed 6-10. without; practicing; doing; healthy; permits

The mobile phone is important is for most of us now,(没有the)However, there are some people out there who use their mibole phones impolitely.Some people talk loudly on the phone in public places like restaurants, buses and lif...

  I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful. Secondly, I will take some English cou...

1teachers 2study没时间学习 3work 4time安排好时间 5lessons 6lunch 7homework 8busy 9stop 10important

1, weeks 2, the question 3, finishing 4, what you are studying 5, is badly needed 6, you to find 7, hoping to hire 8, For another reason 9, but 改为because 10, It is up to you

1.necessary/important 2.school 3.depend 4.with 5.themselves 6.others 7.and 8.take 9.result 10.better

1.picnic 2.agreed 3.dark 4.minutes 5.suit 6.usually 7.jumped 8.with 9.swimming 10.March

According to a survey, on average, a primary school pupil's school bag weighs 3.5 kg. And a junior high school pupil's school bag weighs 5.5 kg. So we know how serious the problem is. The school bags are too heavy for pupils in...

图一图二 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.b 图三 5.a

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