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报关资料 英文怎么的说

-报关: customs declaration;clearance of goods;declare at the customs;customs entry customs declaration 出口货物的报关( Customs Declaration)是指出口货物的发货人或其代理人、出境运输工具的负责人向海关申报、交验规定的单据和证...

你好! 报关文件 Customs clearance documents

What is the commodity name you used in customs clearance,please? 这句话问的是出口方出口清关时用的品名。 如果你要问你进口清关的品名,那就不用问了,自己选择就可以了。

报关文件 [词典] customs clearance document; [例句]这是在中国展览前后最重要的报关文件。 This is the most important document for customs clearance in China for both before and after the exhibition

报关 [词典] (向海关申报) declare sth. at the customs; apply to the customs; clearance of goods; customs clearance; [例句]你有什么东西需要报关的吗? Have you got anything to declare?

Customs Declaration customs clearance 报关单 bill of entry; customs declaration; application to pass goods through the customs; manifest; bill of entry; report; declaration form; 报关费 customs clearing charges [fee]; 报关港口 ...

custom entry 报关 我想应该比较符合你的意思吧。

一般简历上报关资格证书是Custom Declaration Certificate 报关是 Custom Declaration 报关员就是Custom Declarator

报关费 [词典] [经] customs clearance fee; customs clearing charges; [例句]拍卖所得用于支付报关费、仓储费和其他所有费用。 Proceeds of the sale used to pay customs fees, storage charges and all other costs.

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