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1.想看清远处什么东西 want to see remote things clearly 2.他从书架上取下一本书,很快便被吸引了 he took a book from the shelf and was quickly attracted by it. 3.不料听人说他已被运往海外 he was unexpectedly told that ix had beeen s...

1. How time flyies!!!, It is really fast that we are approaching the end of this special year. 2. Everybody sitting here today has experienced a lot during the year. We go through the Entrance Exam of High School, and yesterday...

【这样说。他肯定懂了】 Can you curl both of your hands and put them together to make a heart-shape?

原句是:这样做对每个人来说很简单。 翻译是: It is very easy for everyone to do it in this way. 也可以是:it is easy for everyone to do like this.

So easy! 这就可以了呀!希望你能采纳,谢谢。

1. Which occupation do you think requires a lot of creativity? (我相信这道题,你的答案是作家writers,对吧) 原因是: Firstly, writers need to write about many things that do not happen in real life. For example, in J.K. Rowling’...

虽然我们很年轻,但我们仍然可以做一些有意义(有帮助)的事。实际上,即使是最简单的每天的行动,也可以使环境真正的改善。 还有可以继续问我

I guess the environment must be really nice there. The air will be clean, the sky will be clear. There will be a lot of stars at night, bright, shiny and beautiful. It might be a little bit cold, but as long as everybody's toge...

as to chinese, the last name is in front of the first name my shoelaces are loose your( leather) shoes need to polish.或者you need a shoeshine.

Please remember I have loved you deeply I will let you present in my memories You are my good memories As you said, don't forget me is enough 补充: I feel so happy of the days with you.

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