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很抱歉给您带来不便/麻烦英文:Sorry for the inconvenience 例句: 1、We are very sorry for the inconvenience. I am weary of hearing about your problems. 很抱歉给您添了麻烦。我听腻了你那些麻烦事。 2、We are sorry for the inconveni...

麻烦 má fan (费事) troublesome; inconvenient: 这事要是太麻烦,你就别费神了。-- 不,一点也不麻烦。 Don't bother if it's too much trouble. -- No trouble at all. 你如果这样做就会自找麻烦。 You will bring trouble on yourself if y...

英语: It is too Inconvenient ! 这太不方便了!中文拼音:in ko men te It is too Annoying ! 这太烦人了!an yin It is too :Troublesome! 这太麻烦了!chua bou se mu I am in a big trouble! 我有大麻烦了!chua bao 法语单词:ennui 麻烦,...

trouble,复数troubles。如果说经过了好多麻烦事说go through all the troubles to do sth

你好! 一件事情很麻烦 One thing is very troublesome

find fault with sb 例: Soon she began to find fault with me . 不久她便开始找我的岔子了。

多谢你这么费心…… Thank you for going to so much trouble to do… 例如: 1. 请不要为此费心了。 Please don't trouble about it. 2. 请不要费心了。 Please don't trouble. 3. 多谢你这麽费心找到了我要找的东西. Thank you for going to so m...

我遇上麻烦了,一般可以说 I'm in trouble。那是笼统地说,像你举的例子,这个就不适用了,这种情况应该说:There's something wrong with the computer, give me a few minutes and I'll be right there.

Could you please hurry up a bit? Please hurry 按照国内英语老师的教法 听起来像是礼貌的,单实际上之比 Hurry up! 稍微礼貌一点罢了, Please hurry 显示出你的不耐烦。

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