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报关 名词:customs declaration 动词: make a customs declaration

正式报关的英语是:customs declaration 报关是指进出口货物收发货人、进出境运输工具负责人、进出境物品所有人或者他们的代理人向海关办理货物、物品或运输工具进出境手续及相关海关事务的过程,包括向海关申报、交验单据证件,并接受海关的监...

DOCUMENTS FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE documents for customs declaration declaration documents

报关-Customs Declaration 报检-Inspection submission 或 Declaration for Inspection and Quarantine 另:中华人民共和国国家质量监督检验检疫总局,英文译名为:State General Administration of the People's Republic of China for Quali...

who is responsible for customs clearance?

一般简历上报关资格证书是Custom Declaration Certificate 报关是 Custom Declaration 报关员就是Custom Declarator

delivering goods in batches and making centralized customs declaration; 第八条转出企业、转入企业可以采用“分批送货、集中报关”的方式办理结转手续。 Article 8 A move out enterprise or move in enterprise may go through the carry ove...

Declare sth at the customs向海关申报 Or customs clearance Declarant 报关员 They are the declarants. 他们是报关员 Have you got anything to declare? 你有什么东西需要报关的吗?

海关放行---the custom released the goods 报关员 customs specialist 报关员 customs declarer 报关员 declarant 报关员 the person in charge of the declaration 报关 customs declaration 报关 custom entry 报关 clearance of goods

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